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The Infinitum Internet Access service offers you a high quality, high-speed connection to the Internet from anywhere in the country. We provide the infrastructure in order to service PSTN / ISDN / Ultraphone as well as leased line customers. This range of services connects your customers via the Infinitum IP Backbone network to your PoPs as well as to the Internet.

For international Internet connectivity, Infinitum is connected via satellite to KPNQwest in Amsterdam and via Leased Line to UUnet in Johannesburg, offering you a fully redundant solution.

The service includes a router that is installed, configured and managed by Infinitum in order to guarantee the highest quality services. A leased line (Digicon) will connect your premises to the nearest Point of Presence where you access the Infinitum IP backbone.

Internet Access bandwidth is available from 64 kbit/s to 8 Mbit/s.

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