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The Internet Call Service is an unique service that provides the infrastructure in order to serve your PSTN / ISDN / Ultraphone customers, combined with a special dial-up number at a special tariff, that will stimulate dial-in customers to connect to you more frequently and for a longer duration. From now on, your Internet customers will be able to surf the Internet at call costs that are about 20% below the local tariff!

By leasing the Infinitum modem equipment, you will be able to focus on your core business and let us manage your dial-up services all over the country. Our technicians are based at the PoPs, securing excellent response times in the event of a network disruption.

Infinitum's Internet Call Service consist of the following service elements:

  • Leased modem capacity (dial-in ports) on the PoPs of the IP Backbone to connect your dial-in customers. The sizing of this capacity is flexible and can be altered quickly at your demand.
  • One nation-wide dial-up number (0700-xxxxxx) for the end-user at a tariff that is about 20% below the local call-rate (no distance differentiation).
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