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Our Values

Product Description

The service allows customers to have a plug-in on their Microsoft Outlook that enables them to send SMS messages from their email to the recipient’s mobile phone.

The recipient of the message will be able to reply to the SMS, i.e. SMS to E-mail.

The plug-in can also be configured to automatically send Microsoft Outlook meeting reminders as SMS messages to a mobile phone, thereby reminding one of an upcoming meeting when out of the office.

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Key Value Proposition

* Cost savings and agility

Benefits for the Customer

* Easy to download and install software
* User friendly
* Recipients can reply to SMS’ sent, i.e. SMS to E-mail
* Meeting schedule- automatically reminded of meetings when out of the office via SMS
* Easier to type text messages using the computer’s keyboard
* Bulk messages can be sent to multiple recipients
* Low cost and effective way of reaching mobile users
* Improved corporate communication, i.e. promotions, birthdays

Feature Ozeki plugin
3rd party installation required
Send & Received SMS messages
Calender Integration
Automatic meeting reminder via SMS
Storing of SMS message
Bulk SMS
Address Book Intagration
Available on Post-paid & Pre-paid
Secure authentication
Usage limit control per user Yes
Total number of characters supported 160
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