Speedlink FAQ


  1. What is Telecom Namibia Satlink?
  • Telecom Namibia Satlink provides broadband internet access and voice services through satellite to high-end homes, farmers and business users, even in the extremely remote areas. Satlink is a compact and cost-effective satellite solution for internet access for those who cannot get internet access via other internet infrastructure, or fall outside of the Telecom Namibia Broadband footprint.


  1. What are the customer benefits?
  • Always-on and high-speed internet access - offering ability to cater for the growing demand for integrated data, video, voice and multimedia services
  • Available in variety of packages - to address a variety of user requirements results in more choice and more value
  • Nationwide coverage and representation
  • Flexible and scalable (Capped and Uncapped offerings)
  • Flat rate for uncapped and top up functionalities for capped services.
  1. What is Telecom Namibia Satlink value proposition?
  • High-speed satellite broadband internet connectivity solution with unparalleled voice and data.
  1. Who are the Target Customers?

The service is aimed at the following customer segments in rural areas:

  • Government – E.g. School, Clinics, Police, Embassies, etc.
  • Corporate – E.g. Financial Institutions
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Enterprises
  • Small Enterprises – E.g. Lodges, guesthouses, etc.
  • SOHO’s
  • Residential – E.g. Communal and commercial Farmers
  1. What are the packages and pricing?

Satlink Data uncapped package

Satlink Data capped package

Note: Out of bundle usage will be charged at N$ 99 per Gig


  1. What is the difference between uncapped and capped packages?
  • Uncapped – customer is not limited to a set amount of data per month so you can access the Internet 24/7 without worrying about amount of data you are using.
  • Capped – customer will get a set amount of data for the month and once depleted will need to purchase additional data.


  1. What is contention ratio?
  • Contention ratio refers to number of households sharing the same bandwidth to access the internet. E.g. if your contention ratio is 15:1, it means fifteen households are using one line to access internet.


  1. Can customer apply for voice only?
  • No, customers need to subscribe for data package prior to applying for voice services but data customers can add voice as optional at N$117 per line.


  1. What is Satlink call rate?



Time Period



Within / Outside area code







Satlink to Mobile

Peak/ Off Peak



Satlink to RSA (Fixed)

Peak/ Off Peak



Satlink to RSA (Mobile)

Peak/ Off Peak



Other rates

Refer to Telecom Namibia website (www.telecom.na)

Note: Calls are billed per second, with a minimum set-up charge applicable per call


  1. Is Customer premises equipment included in the package price?
  • No, it is available on cash or installment options.


  1. Why should customers choose Telecom Namibia’s Satlink packages?
  • Telecom Namibia offer different packages, suitable for a wide range of purposes
  • Telecom Namibia supply, install, and support on customer location for all customers countrywide
  • 24/7 customer support service
  • Tailor-made solution based on customer requirements and needs
  • Telecom Namibia understand customer IT environment and will optimize solutions to business IT requirements
  • Telecom experienced team will advise on the most cost-efficient solutions for customer broadband needs.


  1. What are the business rules for customer migration?
  • All existing CPE’s ownership will be transfer to customers
  • Any CPE that will be replaced during the migration process cost will be cover by Telecom for existing customers
  • All existing customers should sign new contract in order to be migrated to new package
  • Penalties for all existing customer contract on billing system will be waved during migration


  1. What will happen when monthly usage or top-up data is depleted?
  • Customer can call Telecom Namibia Customer Contact Centre number toll-free 11000 or 085120 to top-up.


  1. Does unused data roll over from one month to the next?
  • Unused data will not be roll over.


  1. Can customer migrate from uncapped to capped package or vice versa during the contract period?


  • Yes, however if the new contract value is lessor than the current contract value, it will be a downgrade and customer will be charged a once-off fee of N$ 349.


  1. What happens when a contract expires?


  • Telecom Namibia will notify the customer in writing 30 days before the expiry of the duration of the contract to renew it by a further contract period after receive advise from Telecom on appropriate package, however if it is not renew it will continue to operate indefinitely on a 30-day period.


  1. Where can customers apply for the service?
  • Customers can apply at the nearest Teleshop outlet
  • For more information, visit your nearest Teleshop, call us toll free on 11000 or 085120 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1. What is Speedlink lite?

Telecom Namibia Speedlink lite offers unlimited high speed internet access via Telecom Namibia Fixed Broadband access technologies WIMAX and ADSL to residential/business customers without value added service such as Voice , Fax2Email and ISP services . Customers are able to connect to internet with different lifestyle devices such as laptops, smartphone and tablets .

2. Who may apply for this service?

The service is aimed at the following customer segments:

  • Small Enterprises
  • SOHO’s
  • Residential

3. What are installation charges for speedlink lite?

Copper/ Wireless -  Installation charges is N$299 for residential and N$499 for business.

Fibre - Installation charges is N$950 in town and outside town

Areas where there is no infrastructure or fibre customer is required to pay for the actual cost to provide the service

4. What are the benefits to customers?

  • Unlimited , always - on and high speed internet access at flat rate - no unexpected high monthly bills
  • Variety of speed package - more choice more value
  • Flexible contract period – 12, 24 and 36 month
  • Option to apply for value added services separately at any given time
  • Customer can enjoy Wi - Fi with TN’ s Wi - Fi enabled CPE/Modem – CPE/Modem is available on cash and installment option
  • Support e-learning for your children
  • Connect to multiple devices with our Wi - Fi enable modems

5. What are the packages and pricing?

5.1. Speedlink lite (Home/Business) Packages

Speedlink lite (Home/Business)

Packages 512k 1024k 2048k 3072k 4096k 5120k 6144k 8192k 10240k
Downlink Speed 512k 1024k 2048k 3072k 4096k 5120k 6144k 8192k 10240k
Uplink Speed 256k 512k 1024k 1536k 2048k 2048k 2048k 2048k 2048k
Monthly charge
N$ 349.00 N$ 499.00 N$ 615.00 N$ 715.00 N$ 1 115.00 N$ 1 285.00 N$ 1 399.00 N$ 1 625.00 N$ 1 978.00
Monthly charge
N$ 329.00 N$ 449.00 N$ 579.00 N$ 679.00 N$ 935.00 N$ 1157.00 N$ 1 259.00 N$ 1 465.00 N$ 1 780.00
Monthly charge
N$ 266.00 N$ 419.00 N$ 555.00 N$ 655.00 N$ 855.00 N$ 1092.00 N$ 1 184.00 N$ 1 385.00 N$ 1 681.00


6. What are the features of CPE’s?

(a) CPE’s 

7. Does customer get a free CPE/ modem when signing up for speedlink lite?

  • No, the packages are offered without the CPE/Modem thus the customer can purchase it at any nearest Teleshop
  • Telecom is offering Wi - Fi enable CPE /Modem with rich features allowing customer connecting to internet seamlessly with laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Teleshop is advised to record the serial number of CPE for guarantee purpose.

8. What are the CPE conditions?

  • Telecom shall not be responsible to replace and/or repair the CPE in the event of theft, damage, loss, lightning, destruction to the Equipment whether by negligence if it sourced through Telecom
  • It is the Customers responsibility to ensure that it inspects all CPE upon deliver and endorse the delivery note in the event of a ny missing or damaged Equipment
  • It is the Customers responsibility to ensure that it has the requisite insurance to cover such CPE at customer premises
  • The Customer is required to ensure that the Equipment that the Customer intends to use in order to r eceive the service is compatible with Tel ecom’ s Technical specifications
  • Telecom shall not be liable to the Customer for whatsoever reasons, in the event that the Customer utilises the Service and the Equipment does not conform to Telecom’s specifications
  • Should customer use a private CPE which was not purchased through Telecom, Telecom Technician s should not “touch” (setup, configure, perform fault finding) Compiled by Product Management 5

9. What is the warranty on the Telecom Namibia’s CPE?

  • The CPE include 12 - month warranty
  • Please ensure that serial number is recorded in CBS.

10 . When must the CPE be issued to the customer?

  • The CPE must be issued to the customer upon payment (cash).
  • Customers who purchase on installments must be issued with the CPE immediately.

11. Who will install the modem at customer premises?

  • If the customer purchases the CPE/Modem from Telecom Namibia, it will be installed with speedlink lite at no cost including helpdesk support or technical assistance through our Call Centre
  • Should a customer have a CPE that was previously obtained from Telecom, configuration and installation will be done by Telecom Namibia provided it will be done the same time as speedlink lite installation
  • If the customer applies for the CPE after the speed link lite is installed, Technical Assistance call out fees per hour will be charged for CPE’s configuration and installation which is N$ 145 and N$ 250 for Normal and After hours respectively.
  • In Windhoek CPE configurations and installation will be performed by iWay Help Desk while i n the regions Field Service technicians will support Teleshop

12. What is the process to report Speedlink lite service?

  • Customer should report to Telecom Namibia toll - free numbers 11000
  • Customer Contact Centre to advise customer to test first the CPE as abortive maintenance will be charged in case where such a fault is caused by the customer’s CPE
  • Telecom technicians can replace the CPE and bill the customer accordingly or alternatively the customer should bring in their CPE to Teleshops for testing
  • Teleshops and technicians should validate the serial number and update when needed Teleshop should replace the CPE if the fault is under guarantee or alternatively the customer will be advised to buy new CPE or to take it for repair

13. What will happen after installation of speedlink lite where customer does not buy CPE from Telecom?

  • Telecom Technician s should test the line using test Fritz!box
  • Network parameters and CPE’s specification including username and password should be provided by Teleshops or technicians to customer

14. What are the CPE specification s and network parameters require for CPE configurations?

Type of CPE and configuration:


  • The CPE must support ADSL2+ Annex M
  • The Data Serv ice is provided on VPI/VCI 0/35 ports
  • Telecom use Point to point protocol over Ethernet ( PPPoE ) with Username and Password


  • The CPE should provide Fast Ethernet port to be used as uplink/WAN port
  • The Data Service is p rovided on VLAN 200 or untagged
  • Telecom use Point to point protocol over Ethernet ( PPPoE ) with Username and Password

15. Can the customer apply for email or any other value added service after signing up for Speedlink lite?

Yes, the customer ma y apply and pay applicable rate

16. Can the customer apply for voice line after signing up for speedlink lite?

No, customer will be advised to migrate to traditional speedlink by signing a new contract

Note: Migrate – to the same or high speedlink package

17. Can existing Speedlink customer migrate to speedlink lite?

  • Yes, c ustomers can be allowed to migrate from other packages if the contract expire or if they terminate and pay a penalty fee
  • Initial ADSL Home/Business Packages (Elementary, Medium, Advanced & Premium) can migrate to speedlink lite packages

18. Why should I use TN’s Speedlink lite and no other broadband providers?

TN's Speedlink lite Other broadband providers
Offer data only Offer data only
Internet access contract period – 12,24 and 36 (more affordable) Internet access contract period – 12 and 24
Unlimited as little as internet access at N$ 245 per month for 512k package Capped internet access from N$ 499 per month for 384k package
Installation charges: N$ 299 for residential and N$ 499 for business. Installation charges: N$ 500 in Windhoek and N$ 700 outside Windhoek
TN offers Speedlink lite Professional with static IP address Charge additional N$ 200 for static IP address
Countrywide presentation (Teleshops and Technical support) Only in Windhoek
Toll Free Numbers – 11000 Toll free numbers not available

19. Why should the customer subscribe to Telecom Namibia’s Speedlink lite?

  • Support staff is available until 22h00
  • Face to face countrywide contact with customers
  • Presence countrywide Toll Free Number – 11000
  • Supported by trusted Telecom Namibia Fiber backbone

Note: CPE – Customer premises equipment



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