Product Description

Telecom Namibia SpeedLink business offers voice services, internet access and ISP services via Telecom Namibia Fixed Broadband access technologies WIMAX and ADSL to business customers. With TN SpeedLink customers are able to connect different data devices like laptops, PC’s, handheld devices or tablet pc to a business network and internet and using iway services for email communication and web presence plus connect analogue and DECT devices to the voice services.

Benefits for the Customer

  • Internet Access offered to an affordable price optimized for data usage.
  • Unlimited Internet Access within all packages.
  • Telecom Namibia is directly connected to the internet with three sub marine cables.
  • Telecom Namibia provides South African Internet Traffic directly from South African partners.
  • SpeedLink business is combined with Telecom Namibia magicbox to maximise the value.
  • Customer can decide on the bundle fitting best to their needs.
  • Attractive Voice and Internet Access Bundle speedLink business as an attractive alternative to standalone products from Telecom Namibia
  • SpeedLink business customers are able to upgrade/downgrade package at any given time.


WIMAX - Up to 2048k packages can be offered and 3x data ports are available

Installation charges: N$ 222 within MRA and N$ 333 outside MRA

Packages 4096k 6144k 8192k 10240k
High Level CPE with Wi-Fi
Download Speed 4096k 6144k 8192k 10240k
Uplink Speed 2048k 2048k 2048k 2048k
Number of Voice/Fax numbers 3 6 6 6
Number of concurrent voice calls 4 5 5 5
Fax2email number/s 2 2 2 2
Internet Usage Unlimited
Email addresses 3 8 15 20
Web space 100MB 200MB 200MB 200MB
On-net voice minutes 100 150 300 300
Monthly charge (12-month) N$   849.00 N$ 1 349.00 N$ 2 049.00 N$ 3 549.00
Monthly charge (24-month) N$   799.00 N$ 1 099.00 N$ 1 799.00 N$ 3 099.00
Monthly charge (36-month) N$   699.00 N$ 1 049.00 N$ 1 699.00 N$ 2 999.00

All rates excluding VAT
Terms and conditions apply.



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