Product Description

Telecom Namibia Speedlink lite offers unlimited high speed internet access via Telecom Namibia Fixed Broadband access technologies WIMAX and ADSL to residential/business customers without value added service such as Voice, Fax2Email and ISP services. Customers are able to connect to internet with different lifestyle devices such as laptops, smartphone and tablets.

  • Unlimited, always-on and high speed internet access at flat rateno unexpected high monthly bills
  • Variety of speed packagemore choice more value
  • Lowest rate as little as N$ 266 per month for 1024k and N$ 1,385.00 for 10240k package
  • Flexible contract period – 12, 24 and 36
  • Option to apply for value added services separately at any given time
  • Customer can enjoy Wi-Fi with TN’s Wi-Fi enabled CPE/Modem – CPE/Modem is available on cash and installment option
  • Installation charges are N$299 for residential and N$499 for business.

Speedlink lite FAQ's
Modem requirement and Configuration Settings


No, the packages are offered without the CPE/Modem thus the customer can purchase it at any nearest Teleshop.
Installation charges: N$299 for residential and N$499 for business.
Fibre installation charges: N$950 (Fibre ready areas only)

Speedlink lite (Home/Business)

Packages 4M 6M 8M 10M
Downlink Speed (Mbps up to) 4 6 8 10
Uplink Speed (Mbps up to) 2 2 2 2
Internet usage Unlimited
Monthly charge
N$ 349.00 N$ 499.00 N$ 615.00 N$ 812.00
Monthly charge
N$ 329.00 N$ 449.00 N$ 579.00 N$ 739.00
Monthly charge
N$ 266.00 N$ 419.00 N$555.00 N$ 699.00
CPE and value added service are optional


All pricing excluding VAT
Terms & Conditions Apply



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