TN Mobile GSM platform will be offering Namibians compatibility with all their current handsets. Not only can the lowest end phone work perfectly on this network, but also the most classy and glitzy smartphones. This means that all popular mobile cell phone brand names can take advantage of the TN Mobile network. So, whether a customer has a Nokia, blackberry, Samsung, Iphone or any other GSM phone, TN Mobile will let them get the most out of their cellphones.

TN Mobile will support Namibians as they tap into the full potential of high-speed data from the palm of their hands. TN Mobile intends to help drive the nation’s access to the Internet via mobile devices, this will allow the nation to tap into opportunities in education, personal improvement and industry, made possible by better and affordable Internet accessibility. TN mobile promises to offer the market outstanding new options, quality and value-for-money mobile products together with attractive offers. The landscape will certainly be seeing more of the TN mobile logo and smiling subscribers in all towns across all 14 regions of Namibia. TN Mobile intends to shake things up and change the Namibian mobile market, for the better.



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