Windhoek, 27 March 2023 - The average user of ICT services has been targeted by would be scammers or know of someone who has been a victim of online scams, hacking and/or identity theft.

These scammers are known to hide behind the comfort of anonymity by using pre-paid SIM cards to defraud unsuspecting victims.

Criminal syndicates and terrorists’ organizations have taken advantage of technology for criminal activities worldwide, and Namibians have not been spared.  The Namibian population relies heavily on mobile devices and are thus frequently exposed to inappropriate or unsolicited messages, sent either online or directly from unknown mobile numbers for the purpose of fraudulently requesting money from consumers or phishing. 

According to Telecom Namibia’s CEO, Dr. Stanley Shanapinda, a significant number of TN customers, over the years, were victims of money and identity theft. “TN customers have become victims of money theft from electronic money transfer services, using their mobile phones and similarly, victims of identity theft which occurs when individuals steal the information of our customers by using personal information. The information is used to make unlawful transactions, which results in them being defrauded and losing money or other valuable goods”, expressed Dr. Shanapinda.

Dr. Shanapinda further added that with the introduction of SIM card registration, money and identity theft are more likely to become an issue of the past, as this process allows for an effective and efficient identify verification processes. “SIM registration enhances personal security and allows for authorities to have an additional legal tool against online fraudsters who use unregistered mobile numbers to commit identity and money theft. In the absence of SIM Registration, the identity of these perpetrators remain unknown and law enforcement is often constrained in bringing them to task.”

Telecom Namibia is thus inviting pre-paid mobile customers to register their SIMs at any of the Teleshops nationwide or through an approved reseller. This process will allow the customer to have access to TN mobile services and other related products. Similarly, it is an important tool for preventing the abovementioned phone-based fraud, scams, identity theft and other criminal activity.

For a successful registration and a chance to win a Galaxy Tab A8, bring along the following original documents:

  1. An ID card, or passport, or valid driver's license, or valid voter's card. 
  2. A police declaration that declares that the customer is the rightful owner of the number and that the SIM can be registered under their name.
  3. Proof of residence such as, municipal statement or lease agreement, municipal registration certificate or police declaration of where the customer resides or a letter from your nearest church, school, constituency councillor or police declaration that declares the residing address; and
  4. Lastly, kindly bring your SIM card, and if assistance is required to access the SIM, then also bring your mobile device and/or pocket Wi-Fi.
  5. Regarding minors, a mobile service provider may not conclude a contract allowing a minor or a person under legal guardianship to obtain a SIM card, unless the minor or person under legal guardianship is accompanied by an adult.


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