Telecom Namibia has commenced its journey to replace obsolete technologies and fast-track its digital transformation initiatives.

As key part of the transformation process Telecom Namibia launched its new five-year Integrated Strategic Business Plan (ISBP) on the 22 June 2023, at the Protea Hotel by Marriot Windhoek Furstenhof. The ISBP is aimed at four overall goals: stabilising the business, business transformation, digitalisation, and digital transformation.

Similarly, the launch was accompanied by contract signing ceremony between Telecom Namibia and Sistemas Avanzados De Tecnologia S.A (SATEC), which symbolizes the commencement of TN’s digital transformation process with the replacement of the Operations Support Systems and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS) for both fixed and mobile services with a single, cloud native and converged Billing and Customer Relationship Management platform. 

Delivering the Keynote Address, Hon. Maureen Hinda-Mbuende, Deputy Minister of Finance and Public Enterprises expressed that the government plays a dual role in shaping the interactions among key players in the Namibian digital transform ecosystem: first as policy and rule-maker, to create the enabling environment, and secondly, as a strategic investor in digital technology applications and data, in support of transformation. And thus, the Namibian government remains committed to growing and developing infrastructure, facilitating innovation, and creating frameworks to ensure the realisation of the objectives set out in Vision 2030, NDP5 and soon NDP 6, and the Harambee Prosperity Plan II, which focuses on key strategies and initiatives to transform our digital economy and increase access to ICT related services to all Namibians.

Moreover, Hon. Hinda-Mbuende said: “Telecom Namibia’s business and funding plan is not only informed by the above government policies but is fundamental in gearing Namibia for the 4th Industrial Revolution. Telecom’s plan is aimed at achieving the government development plans insofar as they relate to access to and the use of ICT services and products. Indeed, with this plan Telecom Namibia is turning a new leaf.”

Elaborating on Telecom Namibia’s ISBP and Funding Plan TN Board Chairperson, Mr. Melkizedek Uupindi, stated that to achieve digital transformation, this business plan slated for the period 2023 to 2027 focusses on raising funds for network modernization and digital transformation initiatives and projects.

Mr Uupindi further stated that in accordance with the TN ISBP, the company plans to accelerate its investment programs for high-speed broadband and mobile network rollout. The proposed funding of projects will accelerate growth with potential new revenue growth forecasted for the period 2023 to 2027.

“The investments sought will help Telecom Namibia achieve the following strategic outputs of this business plan:

  • a digital maturity rating of over 1.94+, with its modern network;
  • improved consumer experience of over 75%;
  • the improved network service quality will reduce customer churn;
  • the investments in the assets will see an improved return on asset ratio; and
  • improved competitiveness, with an increased market share and improved revenues,” he said.

The business plan will be implemented with a customer-centric approach, it correctly focusses on re-engineering business process, in line with our value “simplicity”.

OSS/BSS Signing Ceremony

Once more, demonstrating its commitment towards the transformation process, Telecom Namibia at the same event signed a N$327 million contract with Sistemas Avanzados De Technologia S.A (SATEC) to supply, deliver, install, commission, and maintain Operations and Business Support Systems.

This project will introduce a convergent platform for Telecom Namibia for both fixed and mobile services with integrated, cloud native products suites including online charging, billing, revenue management, product management and customer relationship management.

Telecom Namibia will introduce new, innovative products and better ways to interact and serve its customers and improve the quality of service to all its end users. The billing platform will enable the digitalization of processes and customer touch points aimed at improving customer service and convenience through new features, customer self-service capabilities and timely customer engagement within the digital space and applications.

The initial 5-year agreement with SATEC is the basis of our envisaged long-term partnership and together, through this partnership we commit to work together and build a scalable environment that will enable Telecom Namibia to innovate and collaborate better and in an agile manner with local innovators and other players to extend more benefits and digital based solutions to the market and end users. It will also pave the way for next-generation innovations, including the commercial launch of 5G services, the Internet of Things (IoT), network functions virtualization, just to name a few.

Telecom Namibia’s legacy system made it difficult and expensive for the company to meet current and future market needs and customer expectations. Similarly, prior systems operated in silos making it difficult for various systems to be integrated and synergies to be achieved. This agreement will effectively converge the various stand-alone billing systems creating a mesh between systems, products and services, and thereby creating an environment that is efficiently integrated and automated and flexible to meet current and future market needs.  The implementation of a converged OSS/BSS systems is the first in a line of systems and infrastructure projects to replace obsolete technologies and modernize Telecom Namibia’s network and demonstrates the company’s commitment to its turnaround strategy. In fact, the project OSS/BSS contract signing is major strategic achievement under Telecom’s recently approved Integrated Strategic Business Plan (ISBP) 2027, whereby strategic objective number eight, requires the company to develop and implement the OSS/BSS transformation and roadmap, under the strategic pillar of “Customer Experience”, 

Telecom Namibia customers will be able to experience a more personalized and reliable service across different touchpoints, such as self-help capabilities through online, mobile, call center, and at the Teleshops. The interactive system will offer a reliable and efficient mode of payment for bills, allowing customers to electronically interrogate their invoices, payments and billing histories, and manage settlements online, via the device of their choice. Similarly, the system allows service providers to enhance customer engagement and management across all touchpoints to enhance service quality, customer convenience, personalized interactions and increased customer lifetime value. Telecom Namibia will from here onwards be able to maintain a real-time view of customer interactions and create tailored engagements that best fit our customers consumption patterns and service needs.

Signing the N$327-million contract on behalf of Telecom Namibia, Dr. Stanley Shanapinda, CEO of Telecom Namibia said: “Building a high-quality network and enhancing customer experience have always been a top priority for Telecom Namibia. Thus, the Company will continue to invest in infrastructure projects and strengthen its network capacity and quality to better serve its customers and the nation at large. The OSS/BSS system will enable Telecom Namibia to automate various offerings and provide quality, reliable and cost-effective high-speed services at a minimal cost to its customers.”

“The telecommunications market is witnessing rapid developments, and the requirements and desires of our customers are increasing. Customers know value and are demanding it. We are committed to giving our customers the best possible telecommunication services through continued investment, innovations, and development. We are delighted to sign this agreement with our partner SATEC. Their extensive experience will undoubtedly contribute to enhancing our organisation’s operational and business model through Operational Efficiency and Customer Experience improvement,” he stated.

Signing the contract on behalf of SATEC, Dr. Luis Rodriguez-Ovejero, President and CEO of SATEC declared: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside Telecom Namibia in accelerating their digital transformation roadmap. We look forward to helping Telecom Namibia in optimizing their operations and automation capabilities. We value Telecom Namibia’s confidence in our technology and vast experience.”

“SATEC is also fully committed and willing to build a long-term business partnership with Telecom Namibia aimed to provide more value to its customers with enhanced products and services, increasing their loyalty and driving sustainable growth.”, he stated.

About Telecom Namibia

Telecom Namibia Limited is the national telecommunications operator, established in August 1992 and wholly owned by the Government of the Republic of Namibia. Telecom Namibia is functioning as a commercialised company and as a subsidiary of its parent company, Namibia Post and Telecom Holdings Limited.


SATEC is a Spanish multinational company that integrates highly specialised technological solutions and advanced services in the field of telecommunications and IT, aiding our clients’ business development, efficiency and productivity. Founded in 1988, SATEC is now a large international entrepreneurial venture, actively present in multiple countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia, with a current payroll of over 1,400 people.


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