In an effort to help reduce youth unemployment and increase youth absorption into the workforce of the future, and to ensure the youth are ready for the jobs of the future, particularly as it relates to gender roles, Telecom Namibia, on Wednesday, 26 July, held an en masse onboarding ceremony for thirty-five interns, graduates and apprentices, all in one go!

The Telecom Namibia Training Programme for 2023 tackles youth unemployment and produces scarce skills and knowledge that is urgently needed by the ICT sector, the Namibian economy and creates a ready-made workforce, given the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Green Hydrogen prospects, and artificial intelligence in terms of what it could mean for business efficiencies and operational efficiencies for public enterprises, such as Telecom Namibia itself.

During Phase 1, Telecom Namibia onboarded 35 trainees through the TN Training Centre at the budgeted costs of N$10,8 million. A further N$14,9 million will be spent during phase 2, which will commence in September with an intake of 48 trainees. In line with Telecom Namibia’s ESG, (or environmental, social, and governance) goals, the public enterprise is dedicated to the use of its revenue and profit proceeds on activities that will enable social development, especially in minority and marginalized target groups, with its Women-In-Tech program. With this program Telecom Namibia is on-boarding 14 females (during phase 1), to increase its intake of women in the technology sector.

Phase 1 includes 2 Engineers-in-Training from UNAM and NUST; 2 Engineering Technicians-in-Training from Liaoning University of Technology and NUST; 4 IP/IT Technicians-in-Training from NUST; 15 Apprentices from NIMT, WVTC, Okakarara VTC, Triumphant College, Valombola VTC, IIT, Lingua College, College of Cape Town; and 12 Interns from all the aforementioned institutes.

Delivering the Keynote Address, Speaker of the National Assembly, Prof. Peter Katjavivi, appealed to all corporations, industries, and organisations, to emulate Telecom Namibia’s example, amongst others, in this undertaking, saying “I thank Telecom for your commitment. Let's join hands to facilitate and create a vibrant, inclusive, and prosperous future for our youth. Together, we can and will shape the destiny of our nation.”

Moreover Prof. Katjavivi said: “Let's view this initiative not as an isolated effort but a catalyst for change, an impetus for a nationwide movement. Let us strive to ignite a domino effect across sectors, fostering a culture of shared responsibility, collaboration, and commitment towards our youth's development.”

In line with, and to support, Telecom Namibia’s Integrated Strategic Business Plan for 2023 to 2027, the company has identified the onboarding of Apprentices, Graduate Trainees, and Interns as critical resources, to ensure a well-balanced and diverse workforce. Elaborating on Telecom Namibia’s Training Programme for 2023, company CEO, Dr. Stanley Shanapinda stated that by strategically investing in training programmes, Telecom Namibia ensures a skilled workforce to drive the company’s future success. “These trainees will learn from experienced professionals, bridging the skills gap and ensuring continuity in key roles. Embracing this opportunity means fostering innovation, boosting morale, and reinforcing our position as a leading telecommunications company,” he said.

Dr. Shanapinda further stated,” By investing in these training programmes, Telecom Namibia will ensure a pipeline of skilled and capable talent to fill future engineering positions. It fosters a culture of learning, innovation, and continuous improvement while securing the long-term success of our organization. By acting now and onboarding all these trainees, we shape our future workforce in line with our business plans. The trainee needs expressed by line management in DEPI, Network Operations, Business Information Technology (BIT), Project Management Office and Field Services far exceeds (by more than 100%) the request to employ the trainees listed above.”

The onboarding of young Namibians is two-fold. Firstly, by creating job opportunities for young Namibians, and secondly, the company will address vacancies that are created by long-serving employees who go on retirement. The onboarding of trainees further allows experienced Telecom employees the opportunity to impart years of wisdom to their younger counterparts, with the valuable skills they have obtained over the years. This skills transfer and on-the-job training will happen through job shadowing and practical skills sharing.

During Phase 2, which will commence in September, Telecom will onboard 3 Engineers-in-Training, 3 Engineering Technicians-in-Training, 5 IP/IT Technicians-in-Training, 25 Apprentices, and 12 Interns. The total for both phases, is the creation of opportunities for 83 young Namibians. The interns, graduates and apprentices represent a truly diverse group from all 14 regions in Namibia, selected solely based on true merit, and after a rigorous interview and selection process, with a mix of both genders. This is in line with Telecom Namibia’s diversity, equal opportunity and equal representation policies that are aimed at social inclusivity.

Telecom Namibia thanks its loyal customers for their support that is enabling social inclusion and diversity, and national talent development that is transparent, democratic, and based on social inclusion, merit, and equal opportunity!



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