A full suite of services that will allow you to run your business more effectively

Have you considered setting-up a private network for your business needs by hiring leased lines, but realised it is not a affordable option? Have you experienced the interception of confidential data?

If your answer is yes to either of the above questions, Infinitum Virtual Private Networks (VPN) offer you a affordable, flexible solution.

If your business requires additional security, we can supply this through our Managed Firewall services.

Alongside the VPN service or as a stand-alone service, Infinitum offers you the highest speed access to the Internet through our Internet Access service.

If you have a presence on the public Internet or if you are running software from a central location and would like your servers to be located in a secure and managed environment, we have just what you need: the Infinitum Co-location service.

Infinitum offers a cost-effective lease for the IP equipment, bringing you many benefits:

  • You can implement data communication solutions without any initial investments.
  • We equip you with the latest in cutting edge technology, ensuring that services are future proof.
  • The flexibility to expand your services over time as your requirements develop with regard to services, bandwidth or geographical coverage.


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