ISDN stands for Integrated Service Digital Network and provides new functions and services on an existing telephone line.

By converting your existing telephone line, ISDN allows you to integrate telecommunication services e.g. speech, facsimile, video, telephony, Internet Access, data and image transfer on a single telephone line.

ISDN offers flexible and cost-effective communication solutions to customers who require more from a single telephone line. ISDN also offers quality communications that are faster and cheaper - valuable attributes in today's business world.

Product/service Benefits

  1. Quality: ISDN communication is faster, clearer and more reliable, therefore saving time and money
  2. Cost effective: A single ISDN line replaces the functions of multiple analogue lines. Productivity is increased because of the increased in speed and capacity. ISDN usage fees are the same as for analogue telephone lines
  3. Quantity: Customer can connect up to 8 devices, such as telephones, computers, facsimile machines, etc. on a single ISDN line. Various tape of information can be transferred on ISDN simultaneously.

Who the products are for

  1. Corporate
  2. Large Enterprises
  3. Medium Enterprises
  4. Small Enterprises
  5. SOHO's
  6. Residential


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