What is an BizConnect?

  • MPLS is a technology (multiprotocol label switching)
    • MPLS is a forwarding mechanism in which packets are forwarded based on labels
    • Labels can also correspond to other parameters such as QoS multiple labels are used in this case label stack
  • VPN's are logical private networks which span over a physical public infrastructure
  • MPLS are labels attached to traffic packets correspond to VPN membership and QoS settings

Benefits of BizConnect

  • Customers can use different type of applications (Data/Voice/Video) over one VPN
  • In times of congestion the traffic behaves based on QoS profile advantage to Customers and TN
  • Customers can use their bandwidth most efficient and can enjoy Voice and business application availability as predicted
  • SLA's can be offered based on the technical parameters guaranteed in the QoS profile


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