Infinitum provides ISPs with a wholly owned, very efficient, high capacity fibre IP Backbone Network that covers entire Namibia, which is one of the most advanced networks in Africa.

We realise that providing Internet services is the core of your business. This is exactly why we have created special IP solutions to suit your needs. This allows you to spend less time on network and infrastructure related issues and more time on creating Internet services to meet customer demands.

To offer you the highest quality, highest speed access to the Internet, Infinitum created it's Internet Access Service.

Our Internet Call Service provides you with the infrastructure in order to serve your PSTN / ISDN / Ultraphone customers, combined with a special dial-up number at a special tariff at about 20% below the local call-rate!

Connecting your servers to the Internet subjects you to many dangers. Since providing Internet services is the core of your business, our Managed Firewall service helps you to protect your systems and servers that run these services.

Another service that was created to increase your security and service up-time is the Infinitum Co-location service, which provides you with necessary facilities to run your equipment.

Infinitum offers a cost-effective lease for the IP equipment, bringing you many benefits:

  • You can implement IP solutions without any initial investments.
  • We equip you with the latest in cutting edge technology, ensuring that services are future proof.
  • The flexibility to expand your services over time as your requirements develop with regard to services, bandwidth or geographical coverage.


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