Telecom Namibia tn1 packages offer fixed mobile converged voice, broadband and value added services.

The product offering  is supported via premium volume 4G/LTE mobile broadband and supreme unlimited fixed broadband, coupled with lifestyle enabling value added services on TN’s fixed mobile converged network.

Kindly note that top-up amounts are once-off

tn1 Maxi Advanced 2 (Hybrid) - 24 Month Contract

Customers may apply for any of the packages

Convergence Level Description
Invoice One invoice (Fixed and Mobile Data)
Account One Account for Fixed and Mobile Data Service
Services &Billing Include Unlimited Mobile Data and 8192k Unlimited Fixed Broadband (Other speed options available)

24 Month Contracts
Devices Include - 1 x Mobile WiFi Router, 1 x Fixed cordless phone, 1 x Fixed Broadband CPE (Entry Level), 1 x tn Mobile SIM card

Mobile Wifi Router

Cordless phone

Fritzbox CPE (Entry Level)

tn Mobile SIM card
VAS 1 x FAX-to-Email Addresses, 1 x Email Address ( on customer request)
Additional Member Options CPE Included: 1 x Mobile WiFi Router, Unlimited Mobile Data, 900 Voice Minutes (on mobile network), 1 x tn Mobile SIM card
CPE Excluded: Unlimited Mobile Data, 900 Voice Minutes (on mobile network), 1 x tn Mobile SIM card
DEL Not Included (but available at additional charge

Subscription Charges

Subscription Charges Price Device
 NRC N$ 299.00
  Included (N$)   Excluded (N$)
Monthly Recurring Charges (Main offer) N$ 1,839.00 N$ 1,739.00
Monthly Recurring Charges (Additional Member Offer) N$ 909.00 N$ 869.00
Monthly Recurring Charges (DEL Optional Offer) N$ 109.00 N$ 79.00

Usage Charges

Usage Charges Price
Fixed & Mobile Voice/Min Data N$ 65c / MB
Mobile Data / MB  N$ 65c
Mobile SMS  N$ 35c
Fixed Data Unlimited

Note 1: “unlimited” fixed broadband means the speed is limited to package speed
but the value of the bundle or download and upload volume is not subject to any
limitations and /or fair use policy;
Note 2: That device images are used as an indication only, actual devices may look



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