Product Description

Web2SMS Service is a web (internet) based SMS service that will enable TN customers to log onto the TN website and send messages from the website to mobile phones.
The recipient of the message will be able to reply to the SMS, i.e. SMS to E-mail

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Key Value Proposition

* Cost saving, Agility and flexibility

Benefits for the Customer

* Web2sms is universally accessible
* Available 24/7
* Secure (password protected)
* Very easy to use
* Very efficient way of typing and sending SMS
* Can increase effectiveness of communication
* No software to install
* Save time when communicating with a large group of people
* Far more cost-effective than mobile calls

Feature Web2sms
Send & Receive SMS message
Address book
Bulk SMS
Upload facility for distribution list
Storing of SMS message
Available on Post-paid & Pre-paid
Usage limit control per user Yes
Total number of characters supported 140
Secure authentication


Call Center

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Call Us 11000
+264 61 11000

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