Description of Service

The Caller ID service allows analogue subscribers to identify the caller before answering the CLI enabled fixed line phone by displaying the number of the calling party

The Caller ID Restriction service prevents the caller’s number (A Party) from being displayed when calling B Party. TN will not advertise the Caller ID Restriction functionality, but will be available to those customers who would like to restrict their numbers from being displayed

Benefits to Customers

  • Have the ability to manage incoming calls
  • Minimise malicious calls
  • Keep track of calls. The caller’s number is displayed and stored, whether the call was answered or not, and even if the caller leaves a message
  • Return missed calls
  • The respective date and time of call is stored
  • Knowing who is calling will allow you to answer in an appropriate or more personal manner
  • Customers may purchase any CLI enabled handset from any vendors, provided that it is compatible with the Telecom Namibia Telephone exchange system

Terms and Conditions

  • Caller ID enables the person receiving the call to have the number of the caller displayed. This is only possible if:
    • Customer applies for the Caller ID service
    • The customer has a CLI compatible telephone;
    • The exchange serving the customer supports Caller ID e.g. EWSD


Description Price (N$)
Activation: Caller ID Free
Rent: Caller ID Free
Activation: Caller ID Restriction N$ 27.50
Rent: Caller ID Restriction N$ 15.75


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