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4. CSR Focus Areas

In line with this Policy, Telecom Namibia will support individuals, groups and organisations in the following core areas:

  • ICT sector development – supporting ICT skills development and access to ICT services.
  • Sport & Recreation – supporting the development of sport and enabling participation in major events.
  • Health - nurturing mind and body and encouraging a healthy lifestyle and wellness.
  • Education – supporting the provision of quality education.
  • Arts & Culture – developing skills in the sector and celebrating our heritage supporting platforms to showcase upcoming talent; promoting Namibian culture.
  • Environment - reducing harm to the environment; focusing on recycling; climate change and electronic waste management; supporting clean-ups and awareness campaigns.
  • Community outreach - assisting destitute and vulnerable communities such as orphans and the elderly.
  • Entrepreneurial development – promoting and supporting upcoming entrepreneurs.
  • Online Child Safety – Highlight, prevent and raise awareness about children’s safety and security in cyber space.
  • Supporting the developmental needs of previously disadvantaged members of society, previously disadvantaged mainly women, people living with disabilities, and the elderly.
  • Research & Development – supporting research and the development of solutions tailored to address advances in ICT development, and Namibia’s social and economic needs. Telecom Namibia to own Intellectual property rights for research funded.

The CSR Policy will seek to achieve a balance between the above Core Giving Areas.

The details of activities, programmes and initiatives, and their modalities of execution and implementation schedules will be drafted and reviewed on an annual basis. CSR expenditure shall include all expenditure on projects or programmes relating to CSR activities approved by the Head: Corporate Communications & Public Relations and/or the CSR Committee.



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