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5. Criteria

All applications will be evaluate against predetermined criteria and with due regard to the value of the donation and/or sponsorship request. Also to ensure that the application fits within the Company's CSR objectives and the policy is applied with consistency, some exclusions are listed below together with application guidelines.

Sponsorships should complement the existing brand values of the Company, enhance its image and provide a platform to increase visibility for and project positive image of the Company. The Company's donation and event sponsorship allocations must reflect favourably on our reputation as a leading telecommunications service provider in Namibia.

Preference is given to groups and organisations/groups that:

  • Are registered non-profit and can demonstrate community support and involvement.
  • Are working for the benefit of a wide range of stakeholders, in particular the youth, women, elderly and disabled of a community.
  • Can demonstrate how the money or in-kind donation is to be spent and the expected outcome of the event.
  • Commit to acknowledging the Company's contribution through the placement of various promotional banners, brochures, posters and the Company's logo on promotional material.
  • Commit to acknowledging the Company's contribution by sending reports on the events through local media.
  • Commit to providing the Company with a letter following the holding of the event that summaries the outcomes and benefits, where applicable.


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