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7. Application Procedures

The process for making a request for donation or sponsorship funding is as follows.

1. Request for donation or sponsorship should be short and submitted in written form at least 60 days prior the scheduled project or event. The application should include supporting documents.

2. They should include the following:

  • Contact person's name, mailing address, telephone number and qualifications.
  • MHSS designation of non-profit status
  • An outline of the project or event for which the donation or sponsorship is being requested and the expected outcome.
  • The amount being requested, together with a total budget or projected cost of the event and supporting cost estimates from service providers and suppliers.
  • A list of all project contributors or partners, particularly companies.
  • A list of personnel involved with running the organisation.
  • Information and commitments that will meet the criteria listed above.

3. Application for donation or sponsorship must be lodged in writing on attached pro-forma.

4. The Head: Corporate Communication & Public Relations and /or CSR Committee will consider application in accordance with the Company's current budget, the Delegation of Authority and the Principles and Criteria contained in this Policy.

5. The Head: Corporate Communication & Public Relations and /or CSR Committee may, if the application complies with the criteria contained within this Policy, approve sponsorship or payment of a donation in accordance with the above Principles and Criteria, budget availability, and guided by the Delegation of Authority Policy.



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