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7. Exclusions

As a general rule, TN will not consider support for the following:

  • Organisations, groups, projects and other activities outside Namibia.
  • Advertising and promotions, including advertising solicited on behalf of another organisation.
  • Membership dues or school fees.
  • Reducing or donating the cost of telecommunications services.
  • Churches or other religious groups.
  • Labour or political organisation or candidates for public office.
  • Corporate/family picnics
  • Fraternal associations
  • Travel funds for trips, tours or expeditions.
  • Organisations or programmes that are sensitive, controversial, harmful, or pose a potential conflict of interest.
  • Professional fund-raisers working on behalf of an organisation.
  • Generic requests that may have been sent to various organisations - the `To whom it may concern' letter.
  • Additional funds for organisations or groups already under a multi-year commitment.


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