Manually change PIN codes on cell phones:
**04*old pin*new pin*new pin#

Change Pin 2 manually
**042*old pin*new pin*new pin#

Unblock Pin 1&2 Manually
**05*puk1*new pin*new pin#
**052*puk2*new pin*new pin#

Activate and deactivate Call Wait/Hold
This service alerts you of an incoming call, whilst busy with another call.
The user will receive an audible warning when a second call comes in. If the user chooses not to take the second call it will be forwarded to his/her Call mail.
Activate : *43# SND (Call button)
Deactivate: #43#SND (Call button)

Set diverts manually on the phone

Call Forward if no reply
: **61*08550 (last seven digits of the cellphone number) # SND
Call forward if not reachable
**62*08550 (last seven digits of the cellphone number) # SND
Call forward if busy
**67*08550 (last seven digits of the cellphone number )# SND

How to Activate and Deactivate Call Forwarding
This service allows the customer to divert or forward incoming calls to Call Mail, a fixed number or a cell phone number.
This means that should somebody call you, the call will be received at another number.

Activate : **21*the number you want to divert your phone to# SND
Deactivate: ##21#SND

Check phone’s IMEI number:
IMEI is the serial number of the mobile equipment. Every handset needs one in order for tn mobileTM EIR (Equipment identity register) to make sure that it is a valide phone being used on the network
*#06# (Phone will display 15 digit number on browser)

tn mobile services
View Balance: *12400#SND
Service Menu: *10000#SND

View Balance: *12400#SND
Details Balance: *12400*1#SND

Mobile Banking: *140*321#SND (FNB Only)



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