1. How to activate voice mail?

  • Dial 12300 from your mobile phone and follow the voice prompt

2. PIN and PUK

  • If you SIM card is blocked, you have to enter your PUK number in order to unlock your SIM card

3. Airtime

  • If you need more airtime you can buy a tn mobile recharge voucher at any Teleshop, tn mobile distributors’ points or via FNB

4. How to recharge?

  • Enter the voucher pin in a message and send the SMS to 12400

5. How to increase credit limit on a postpaid account

  • Dial 11000 from tn mobile number and ask for credit limit increase Dial 085120 from no tn mobile number and ask for credit limit increase

6. How to transfer credit from a prepaid account?

  • SMS ‘S’ or ‘Share’, the mobile number and the amount (e.g. S 0855550000 30) to 12400

7. How to query balance on a postpaid account?

  • Dial *12400#
    Dial *100# and follow the menu
    Send a blank SMS to 124

8. How to query balance on a prepaid account?

  • Dial *124#
    Send a blank SMS to 12400
    Dial *100# and follow the menu
    Dial 13900 to hear your balance

9. How to change PIN code?

  • Dial **04*old pin*new pin*new pin#

10. How to activate GPRS on your phone?

  • SMS “GPRS” to 1253 from your phone

11. How to convert airtime to data on Prepaid & Hybrid?

  • Dial *100# and follow the menu
    Send an SMS with a USSD string to 100, e.g. *130*1000# to buy 1GB Data or *130*778# to subscribe to Jiva Surf. (customers with Data Devices can use this option to buy Prepaid Data Bundles or subscribe to any Prepaid Subscription Packages through the Device Manager Website:

12. How to subscribe for prepaid data bundles?

  • Dial *130*MB that you want to buy# (i.e. 30MB, 50MB, 100MB, 300MB, 500MB, 1000MB, 2000MB & 5000MB) e.g. *130*300# to buy 300MB

13 How to do Mobile Banking (FNB Only)?

  • Dial *140*321# and follow the menu

14.. How to Hide Call ID on your mobile phone:

  • Settings, Call, Send my caller ID (select Yes or No)

15.What is the maximum 3G data speed?

  • Up to 21Mbps

16. What is the maximum 4G data speed?

  • Up to 100Mbps

17. How does Fair Usage Policy work?

  • No Fair Usage Policy is applied

18. Customer Care Centre

  • Call 11000 from a tn mobile number, 085120 if you are calling from a non tn mobile number or +264851004000 if you are calling from outside Namibia
*Numbers to remember
11000 Customer Care Centre
112 Emergency (Police, Fire Brigade, Medical Services)
12300 Voicemail
13900 Balance Enquiry (Prepaid)
*100# Menu (Balance Enquiry, Data Bundles)
*12400# Balance Enquiry


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