1. How to activate voice mail?

2. PIN and PUK

3. Airtime

4. How to recharge?

5. How to increase credit limit on a postpaid account

6. How to transfer credit from a prepaid account?

7. How to query balance on a postpaid account?

8. How to query balance on a prepaid account?

9. How to change PIN code?

10. How to activate GPRS on your phone?

11. How to convert airtime to data on Prepaid & Hybrid?

12. How to subscribe for prepaid data bundles?

13 How to do Mobile Banking (FNB Only)?

14.. How to Hide Call ID on your mobile phone:

15.What is the maximum 3G data speed?

16. What is the maximum 4G data speed?

17. How does Fair Usage Policy work?

18. Customer Care Centre

*Numbers to remember
11000 Customer Care Centre
112 Emergency (Police, Fire Brigade, Medical Services)
12300 Voicemail
13900 Balance Enquiry (Prepaid)
*100# Menu (Balance Enquiry, Data Bundles)
*124# Balance Enquiry